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Prioritizing Self-care During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Welcome to the first blog post on! Here, we will provide you with information and education on all things herbal tea and wellness. Sometimes we will give you entertaining posts!

In light of the current climate that we’re living in, we think it’s important that we share as much wellness information as possible. The tips below, if practiced consistently, will definitely help improve your quality of life. So…baby steps!

Self-care is critical

The pandemic has completely altered our way of life. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we take care of our overall well-being.

Make sleep a priority

Start unwinding at least half an hour before bed. Have a cup of tea to help you relax. Put down your devices, away from your arm’s reach. Good quality sleep helps our body and mind recharge.

Move your body

Keep your body in motion even for just a few minutes a day. Daily formof some exercise does wonders for our mind and body.

Make healthy food choices and eat regularly

During these times we must make sure that our body remains healthy. That means we have to eat nourishing foods and drink beverages that boost and maintain our immune systems We need to be able to withstand the many challenges of this pandemic.

Take care of you

You may have many responsibilities, people who depend on you in one way or another. You may want to take care of your loved ones and that’s ok. But remember … if you’re not well, you cannot fulfill those responsibilities. YOU have to be healthy and whole. Take care of YOU!

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