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The Sabinea Story

A flavorful and ever-evolving experience.

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Sabinea Blends is the creation of Valda Blackmoore, a native of Dominica, the nature island of the Caribbean. Valda grew up on natural teas and spices, fresh from her grandmother's backyard garden. Daily home-cooked meals were always packed with flavor from the various herbs and spices used in the recipes. The day always ended with some kind of herbal tea, usually from leaves picked fresh from the many trees and plants in the backyard.  

Valda Blackmoore

Founder of Sabinea Blends, Law Grad, Devoted Wife & Mom

Naturally, spices and herbs are part and parcel of all seasoning and herbal blends created by Valda. Creating her own line of herbal teas and seasoning blends was an organic step in developing her brand.


Sabinea Blends brings the flavors of the Caribbean to your kitchen, be it through seasoning blends, herbal teas and other beverages. The goal is to satisfy our customers by offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service.   

We hope you drop in and shop with us soon!


Dominica, The Nature Island of the Carribbean

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