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Myth or Real Magic: Do Slimming Teas Work?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

According to the labels on many popular slimming or weight-loss teas, the tea’s ingredients offer its drinkers benefits that are hard to turn down. As a result, slimming teas can feel like a beacon of light to many on their health and wellness journeys, from the promises of shedding pounds quickly to a new and improved curbed appetite. But the reality is, slimming teas aren’t always what you think.

Don’t get us wrong—natural herbal tea does offer real health benefits that can include weight loss. But it’s the popular teas marketed as “weight loss teas” that you should raise an eyebrow at because cheap and untested ingredients in these products can be hazardous.

So, before you cave in to that shiny Instagram ad promoting slimming teas or “teatoxes,” read on to discover the real “tea” on weight loss teas and how they work (or don’t work).

How do detox teas work?

Many of the weight-loss teas on social media or elsewhere that claim to help detox the body include processed ingredients and natural ones such as dandelion or aloe. But just because some of the ingredients are natural doesn’t make them safe.

Popular herbs used in mainstream slimming teas like senna offer weight loss effects by pushing water or stool out of the body since some ingredients are natural diuretics or laxatives. So when these effects are combined with replacing your usual snacking with tea-drinking, of course, it can lead to reduced body weight—but at what cost?

Detox teas on the market are not backed by science, their ingredients are often untested, and sometimes these brands market miraculous benefits that are misleading and downright dangerous. So before you reach for a weight loss tea on the shelf, keep in mind:

  • The United States Food and Drug Administration (DFA) does not recognize any slimming teas on the market as effective.

  • The FDA has reported senna, a natural laxative found in many detox teas, as harmful to the large intestine.

  • Weight loss teas all vary and may contain problematic ingredients that aren’t regulated by the FDA or other agencies.

Drinking teas that promise fast weight loss and unrealistic health outcomes should be considered a risk. There are natural teas without added ingredients that do offer weight loss effects, but it’s important to remember that these effects aren’t that major. For weight loss, the best bet (and bang for your buck) would be to focus on eating right, getting exercise, enough sleep, and taking care of your holistic health.

The final verdict? Ditch the detox tea and stick to the science-backed heart-healthy teas for good health outcomes.

If you want to find a natural tea that does offer health benefits, the good news is you aren’t out of luck! Teas like oolong, black, and green have been proven to provide some weight-loss benefits, so opt for herbal tea blends where either of these three is the first ingredient, like our Slimming Tea.

The key to ensuring you’re drinking safe teas is to do your research on the ingredients and be wary of any tea that promises to cure, treat, or prevent any health outcome. So, with that, happy tea drinking, and discover the natural ingredients of Sabinea Blends here for your pleasure.

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